DRAW101: Master Copies (critique day)

Here's my piece, chillin on a drawing board.

Then here's the rest of my classmates' work.

And then here's some of my class :3

([photos taken] 2.27.12)


DSGN101: Split Complimentary with a focal point

(Color: Theory and Application)

-collage and goauche
([finished on] 2.13.12[?])

DRAW101: Colors in Sennelier (critique day)

Some of mine and my classmate's work for this project~

Mine's in the center of this photo =)

([photos taken] 2.15.12)


DRAW101: gigantic pears (critique day)

(Drawing II: Composition and Media)

-acrylic paint, watercolorpaint, chalk pastels

-acrylic paint

And then work from the rest of my class :3

And here's the side of my teacher's head :D

([photos taken] 2.6.12)