SEQA202: Assignment 11: 2pt Perspective Interior: Sewer

(Drawing for Sequential)

Finished version of pencils of our first big project for this class. I actually flipped this horizontally and decided it looked better this way.
Ink and/or color this in the near future.



SEQA100: Assignment 5: "Inception vs The World" in COLOR

(Intro to Sequential)
click pages to view larger :)

We had to make a comic of a scene from a movie in the iconic style of a famous cartoonist/comic book artist.
My artist was Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Lost at Sea) and my movie was Inception.

-brush & ink
-digital color


SEQA100: MIDTERM: "Historic Window"

(Intro to Sequential)
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had to create a comic about an item from craigslist.
Here's the real "Historic Window"


SEQA100: Assignment 4: "Trapped" preview

(Intro to Sequential)
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So I didn't finish this assignment D:
It's not completely inked and finished, so here's just a preview page.



DRAW200: Sketeton

(Life Drawing I)
Just wanted to show that I have other classes besides my comics class.....

-White charcoal & conte


SEQA100: Assignment 2: "Just a Normal Life of a College Student"

(Intro to Sequential)


SEQA100: In-class: Panel Types

(Intro to Sequential)
[click here to fullview]

-We had to take a simple sentence and use the 6 different panel types for the one sentence.
   >close up
   >talking heads / head shot
   >longshot / fullview
-My sentence was "Horrible dog angrily pushes a pedestrian."


DRAW101: Landscapes (critique day/final class)

So here's my piece. :D

And here's the rest of my awesome class's stuff =)

Panoramas are fun to make :D

--OH and we had donuts :3
I'm shocked we didn't get through all of the containers, but I guess we were just all that tired xD



DSGN101: Color and Space (work in progress)

(Color: Theory and Application)

-ink & watercolor
-I'll have a photo of the finished piece once I get it back from my professor =)


DRAW101: Master Copies (critique day)

Here's my piece, chillin on a drawing board.

Then here's the rest of my classmates' work.

And then here's some of my class :3

([photos taken] 2.27.12)


DSGN101: Split Complimentary with a focal point

(Color: Theory and Application)

-collage and goauche
([finished on] 2.13.12[?])

DRAW101: Colors in Sennelier (critique day)

Some of mine and my classmate's work for this project~

Mine's in the center of this photo =)

([photos taken] 2.15.12)